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Sichuan: Balance of Human, Grassland and Livestock to be Basically Realized in 2025

  It is estimated that one-third of the herdsmen in Sichuan Province will be engaged in tourism and livestock production processing in 2025. On that basis, Sichuan plans to complete 50 million mu (times) of grassland restoration and improvement, and the comprehensive vegetation coverage of grassland will be increased by six percent, basically realizing the balance of human, grassland and livestock in Sichuan Province. This is the news from Sichuan Provincial Forestry and Grassland Administration.

  In order to reach the goal, Sichuan will adhere to the idea of cultivating new industrial formats and restoring ecology concurrently in pastoral areas. In terms of industrial development, Sichuan will focus on creating two major industrial parks: grassland ecotourism park and characteristic grassland animal husbandry park. Specifically, relying on its vital communication lines, Sichuan will build grassland landscape belts and tourist centers through vegetation restoration and supporting infrastructure, etc., and construct modern animal husbandry parks through building irrigation facilities, etc. It is estimated that in 2025, the total output value of grassland tourism and animal husbandry in Sichuan Province will reach RMB 37 billion and RMB 150 billion respectively, 1.4 times and 2.6 times that of last year respectively. In terms of ecological restoration, Sichuan will, while reducing the intensity of human and livestock activities through the industrial conversion of herdsmen, restore the desertified grassland and wasteland caused by voles through centralized management. In addition, Sichuan will start the horizontal grassland ecological compensation mechanism in its drainage basins, so as to realize all-around ecological restoration.

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